Bountiful Barossa

Sunday, August 21, 2016

A tour with Greenbanks Tours on the back roads to the Barossa never fails to display a bounty of fascinating sights.

It’s not just the colorful towns along the Onkaparinga Valley Highway, their residents who are always welcoming or the landmarks beside the road that are great camera food. It’s the unique, often quirky attractions, large and small, lying slightly off the beaten track that travelers love to find.

Whether its Oakbanks picturesque racecourse, Melbas at Woodside, the authenticity of the old homes in Mt Torrens, the museum at Birdwood or the gums of Mt Pleasant, our guests are always saying “Stop, stop, stop!” to get a better photo than the last!

Herbigs tree at Springton, the cross on the lookout at Eden Valley, the pioneer memorial at Angaston – all make one stop for longer to ponder the history of the Barossa Valley and our forebears.

On the return trip we stopped by the Whispering Wall on the Barossa Reservoir which curiously is extremely difficult to photograph. Barbed wire and high fences line the reservoir and the wall for reasons that become obvious when one looks over the edge. So instead you have to cross the wall to the other side and whisper to get the real feature of this place.

A great example of ingenuity with a very special surprise. And by the way, the dam’s full this week!