Cool Things to do in the Adelaide Hills

Sunday, August 14, 2016

We are all in the game of sharing information about our tours and spectacular sights of the Adelaide Hills.

So, I am ashamed to say that I have taken until now to sign up for my little sisters’ tour. She does it perfectly – 100% authentic flower farm tour of Kidman Flowers. The lady walking beside me commented, “Angie is just so passionate about her flowers – like they are her children scatterd all over the farm!”

Then come the bonuses. After a 90 minute walk around the protea plantation, we were back in the packing shed where Desy, Angies husband shows us all of the workings of the sorting and packing machinery. Tea, coffee and a date and chocolate slice with yoghurt appear in our hands like magic though it’s just well organized hosting really. Great work from the flower fairies, Sarah and Mary-Anne!

For many in the group, their highlight of creating their own mixed bunches is to come. Angie seats us all outside amongst gas heaters and a fire cauldron to show us how to create a special arrangement and all the while everyone is thinking, “Mine is never going to turn out like that!!”. But turn out they do, maybe not quite as professionally but nevertheless colorful and worthy of taking home for a first try.

Experiences make truly memorable presents and that is how many of Angies guests find Kidman Flowers, looking for something special particularly for mother or daughter. Great idea and even for guys, it’s one of the very cool things to do here in the Hills. I am definitely going to weave this one into Greenbanks Tours. Check out