Echidna surprise

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Whilst echidnas aren’t entirely a rare sighting in the Adelaide Hills, we all got a bit excited (in a Steve Irwin kind of way) when one waddled across our path in Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens the other day.

It was a very hot late morning and the crowds had split up in the pursuit of the abundant shade that the Gardens offer when a member of our small group leapt in the air like she’d seen a snake.

With zero command of the English language, her body language and shrieks said it all – whatever it was at our feet had her adrenaline pumping like a fire-fighter.

Helen, our garden volunteer host settled our guest gently to explain it was just an ‘Ee –kid – na ’, totally harmless (unless you were to touch it) and that she had not seen one in her seven years of working at the Gardens.

I reckon they are up there with platypuses as the coolest of Australian native fauna to watch and contemplate their evolution. And we were there!