Four ladies

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Four ladies on a girls’ long weekend has to be the best fun I’ve seen in ages. The lively banter, endless laughs and keen interest in things of beauty is infectious.

Our day tour took us from Hahndorf to the Barossa via the back roads through some of the most picturesque rolling hills, small towns and vineyards in Australia. But it was the natural phenomenon of Herbigs Tree at Springton that silenced us all.

This huge ancient redgum with its burnt out trunk was home to a pioneering German couple, Friedrich and Caroline Herbig from 1858 to 1860 where they began their young family. The first two of their sixteen children were born and raised in this tree but it did soon become a little too small.

For quite a few quiet moments four women stood and marveled at what good stuff these early pioneers were made of. Tough is an understatement! And what a patient woman Mrs Herbig must have been in waiting for her new kitchen.

Do you think I could get these ladies back in the car? Where do you think the conversation went from there?!!!