Hahndorf's Made For A Wet Day Too

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Whatever the weather in Adelaide, dont forget what a contrast you can find just 25 minutes drive up into the Hills along the South Eastern Freeway. Coming uphill out of the Heysen Tunnels can be like entering a different world.

When the weather forecast is for 90% chance of 20mm in Adelaide for a day of your holidays in what is normally the driest state in the driest continent on the planet – it’s a bummer. You can stay inside and press your nose to the window like Dr Seuss or get out amongst it where the locals have lit the fire and are awaiting your visit.

In Hahndorf, I can assure you the red gum is burning in big old fire places, the red wine is being poured in some cozy cellars with ‘OPEN’ on the front door and the quirky, funky shops are all awaiting your browse. There’s fine dining at Maximilians, Pizza at Gepettos, metres of kranzky at The Inn, The Haus, The GA, Udder Delights, The Old Mill bistro and Three Gums at the Resort just for starters.

There’s Aboriginal Art, Hans Heysen’s ‘The Cedars’ Gallery, Leatherwork Gallery, Candlemaking, Shoe making. Haven’t had bad coffees yet at any of the dozens of Main Street cafes. And all you will need is your umbrella between them all!

Tomorrow we are likely to be above the snow-line of the Mt Loft Ranges…well maybe for a fleeting moment but it WILL be cold and most likely mighty wet. But we have prepared for it and you just have to get up here into the fog and cloud to see for yourselves what cool things there are to be sampled in the Adelaide Hills.

Remember there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. And you can even find warm things to wear to fix that problem as well!