The Guide and his Golf

Monday, January 25, 2016

I am a sucker for a challenge. So when my guest last week suggested a 9 hole shoot-out at the picturesque Ashbourne Golf Course, how could I refuse. Well, I had only come prepared to caddy for him and give him a few tips along the way, not about golf but rather the wildlife and farm land surrounding us. He scoffed at my excuse and put me down on the card.

From the first tee, I knew why he had it in the bag but he had the good grace to talk about all things of interest to us both and nothing about my appalling golf. His strokes were as elegant as mine were agricultural. He wasted no time deviating from the fairway. I saw the fairway each time I crossed it. I got all of my money’s worth on the greens. He putted with alacrity and sat down to watch me.

Isn’t it so infectious though? How could I not enjoy every moment of such a stunning course as Ashbourne. I won’t tell you the margin of his victory, only to truthfully say that I tried to keep it looking like I had not thrown the match!!!!

I can’t wait to return and show more guests Ashbourne Golf Course preferably as a guide and caddy, wildlife spotter and agricultural interpreter. But if you want to play against an honest hack, then I suppose I am at your service.