The Seals at Goolwa Barrage

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Goolwa Barrage seals are making a big nuisance of themselves for the local fishermen so we just had to go and see what kind of numbers they are in.

I had to check those Goolwa seals out for myself and luckily got the chance with a tour group taking our Turf & Surf Tour across the Fleurieu today.

They have got some pretty bad press lately, allegedly destroying professional fisher’s nets and catches. They are apparently in plague numbers so I wanted to see them and show folks how beautiful animals turn feral pests!

The Goolwa Barrage is in itself an amazing feat of engineering considering it was built in 1935 – 1940. We walked out along it seeing pelicans paddling up so close we could see our reflection in their eye!

All of us strained to see seals gliding through the murky salt waters that are the ocean side of the Murray River but alas nothing. Until one of the kids screamed there they are and sure enough 4 were sunbaking on the lock gantry high and dry out of the water.

Whilst they don’t seem to be in plague numbers here, I have no doubt there are plenty of them in Lake Alexandrina and just looking at their teeth when they smiled at us assured me they like meat! Man they are quick and seem to know when you are trying to photograph them so you'll have to use your imagination to see them in my photo!